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Building winning sales teams for startups



Vet Talent

Interview inbound sales candidates.


Help founders discover their sales motion and close deals.

Short-Term Contracts

Interim Head of Sales with an 8-10 hour per week commitment to start.

Recruit Talent

Utilize Gary’s company, Leap, as a full-cycle recruiting partner.


Recurring coaching meetings for founders, sales leaders, and sales reps.

Mark Rydon

Co-founder & CEO at Aethir

"Working with Gary on forming our first sales team and refining our sales strategy have been invaluable. He offers a distinctive combination of knowledge and hands-on advice."

Jackie Chan

COO & Co-founder at SMBX

“In just three months of Gary joining our team, he played a pivotal role in aligning the focus of our sales team. From resetting our CRM to successfully closing deals, he got things done with determination and efficiency.”

Luke Hutchison

CEO/Founder at Perfect Venue

"During a period of significant change for our business, Gary played a critical role in guiding us through an effective change management process that included strategic decisions related to the personnel and processes essential to our go-to-market operation."

About Me

Throughout my professional journey, I've gained valuable exposure to direct sales within Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), Mid-Market, and Enterprise sectors.


I spearheaded the development of Yelp’s Channel Partner sales team, starting as the initial representative on the ground and steering its growth from $0 to $40 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. After Yelp, I co-founded Leap, a platform devoted to streamlining the process of interviewing and hiring exceptional sales talent for companies.


My involvement in fractional sales leadership stemmed from starting my own company and trading notes with other founders. I find immense satisfaction in supporting other startup founders spanning industries from software to fintech to robotics. 


Whether it's evaluating sales talent, guiding founders in discovering their optimal sales strategies, or aiding frontline sales leaders in enhancing their skills, I thrive on operating fast and generating a positive impact for all my partners.

If you're looking to explore my thoughts on sales, hiring, and management, be sure to check out my blog!

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